Side Hustle: 5 Ways for Horse People to Earn Extra Cash

Cash for horses.Horse people always have bills to pay. And though that’s true for everyone else too, horses are a passion that frequently drives us to spend a few bucks more than your average coin collector even though the latter is actually buying cash. 

Most of us don’t mind the extra expense, even when it makes us cringe. As one client told us: ”They are part of my life and my passion. I can’t put a price on that.”

That said, most of us don’t enjoy bottomless checkbooks and cash reserves. And horses with the predictable vet bills, etc., sometimes put more pressure on us than we wish.

I used to work sign up for overtime shifts to cover the extras, but they stopped
letting me do that when I retired. Thanks to my former employer’s inconvenient policy, I have to look elsewhere these days.

After a particularly tough period, in which all 3 of my aging ponies had a few costly problems crop up, I started looking for supplemental income. This is what I found:

  1. I could drive a taxi using my own car! Or not. My own car is a heavy duty diesel pickup that attaches neatly to my horse trailer. It’s not practical as an Uber machine for a variety of reasons horse people understand well.
  1. I could catch some shifts at a local restaurant. Ummmm…did that long ago. Totally great way to make a few bucks, and get paid cash tips, but also not for me. It might work for you, though and I encourage this approach if you’re cool with carrying carefully balanced food trays and memorizing menus. I recognize my limitations.
  1. Home Depot!!! Lots of people turn to Home Depot and other big box retailers home depot cashfor extra money and it’s a great gig. They are usually hiring and offer part time options. It still didn’t land in my alley though. I’m spoiled. Since retiring I have controlled my schedule and I like it. Working for a big box store means a fixed schedule more often than not, and I have a long history of shift work under my belt. I want something different.
  1. Dog walking/pet sitting is also a great gig. The success of, WAG and other online, on demand services has proven people love their pets enough to make sure they are taken care of outside of the traditional kennel environment. Dog walkers and pet sitters make good money and get to do work with dogs! If you love dogs, that’s a great way to work on a flexible schedule for good money.
  1. What works for me. I’m horse people. From my earliest memories, the barn is the happiest place on earth. In the presence of horses, I take in the scents, the sounds and the ongoing activities in utter contentment. I found out people who love their horses are just like people who love their dogs, but horse care requires skilled horse people. My cofounder and I built MyBarnHelp to fill this niche and we offer online, on demand services to horse people. We offer trusted farm sitting, grooming, exercise and more. And because the demand is too great for the two of us, we have built a platform so other horse people, who could use some extra money can join us. 

If you are horse people with horse care skills and experience, who would rather hang out with horses than drive a taxi, serve food, play with tools or walk dogs, check out MyBarnHelp. 

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