The Many Phases of Life: Horse People Edition

Horse Care Pros: MyBarnHelpMyBarnHelp feels like Christmas morning a week in advance. Christmas arriving a little early is just fine with me. We have been working on a project for horse people for the better part of the last two years and we are finally watching this baby emerge from our metaphoric womb. Today is the day.

This past week included The National Day of the Horse and I was inspired to think back on all of the amazing creatures I’ve known on the journey, so far. Each one brought a book of life lessons with them and in return, I loved them beyond all reason. Today, thinking about them in reference to our achievement and the birth of a new kind of dream, I realize they were each part of this moment, as well.

A love like no other..

Horses are like that for those of us who make them an Horse Love: MyBarnHelpessential element of our lives. They become an integral part of our development as human beings. I think I have a horse metaphor for every life lesson I share with others. They inform me emotionally, but also mentally and physically. It’s horses that make me self aware. It’s horses that remind me to be present and engaged each day

Our lives together run in phases, especially if you compete. My dragon, Chance, has been with me for 18 years. There was time in-vitro, while his mother carried and nurtured him. Colt-hood through adolescence, where I fussed and obsessed over every decision, hoping to bring him safely to adulthood.

Dream a new dream! MyBarnHelpThere was the early training stage, where I hoped to create a safe place for him in this world as Buck Brannaman famously defined. And every stage since, some with health and soundness scares and some with fantastic adventures and competitive success.

Every phase of life we share with our horses is a gift. Each and every feeling we encounter along the way is founded in love. Sharing this bond with an animal that could easily do us harm if they were less mindful of our fragility and proximity as we dance. Their gentle approach is clear evidence their desire to bond with us, too.

A new adventure..

Today we went live with Barn Hero’s first beta in Texas, meaning we areWe can all use help with our horses. MyBarnHelp just beginning our regional rollout. We will be growing slowly and expanding carefully, to take in additional regions. We will be working diligently to perfect this labor of love, hopefully with your help.

MyBarnHelp represents a brand new phase of our life with horses. We built it to make caring for our horses easier, and included a platform for skilled horse people to earn extra money if they need it. Extra money makes it easier to for horse care pros to care for their own horses and so on. So you see, another phase in the horse journey begins for us today. We hope it begins for you too.

Give BarnHero a boost.

Fellow horse people, please visit Barn Hero and take it out for a spin. Tell us how it feels and how you feel about it. We are building this for you and your horses. Help us make it great.

Horse People. MyBarnHelp

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